The Perfect Accounting Software for Small Enterprises,
Start-ups and Self-employed Individuals

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About MoneyWatch

The Perfect Accounting Software for Small Enterprises,
Start-ups and Self-employed Individuals

MoneyWatch helps keep its accounts and pay bills via one integrated tool with Swiss banks.
MoneyWatch is ideal for small businesses, self-employed individuals, freelancers, associations or clubs, but also for the household and anyone wishing to have an integrated and accessible tool anywhere, anytime for managing payments and bills, and having a synthetic vision of its budget.
MoneyWatch is a software hosted in a secure data center and offers accounting and payment services, which make it easy to manage invoices, payments and budget, rather than using several non-integrated tools (accounting software, e-Banking / e Bill).
MoneyWatch allows to access your invoices and accounting in a central and secured place, at any time and from any conventional system (Smartphone, Tablet, Phablet, Web Browser).
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One finance management software
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We provide best features and still we are growing

A central view of my Accounts

Presentation by account types (Cash, Credit Card, Bank, Assets, Liabilities, other).
Connection to major Swiss banks.
Import bank statements.
Invoice management with optical character recognition (OCR) and pre-filled payment orders.
Transfer of payment orders in ISO20022 format to the bank accounts of major banks in Switzerland.
Semi-automatic reconciliation of bank statements.
Multicurrency accounts and transactions.

A high level of Security

Your data is encrypted on secure and redundant servers.
Secure communication with Swiss banks.
Automatic data backup.
Encryption on the web link.
Hosted in Switzerland.

A global view of my Bills

Import of e-Bills.
Send PDF invoices by email on my MoneyWatch account.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for the accounting categorisation and pre-filling of the payment order and accounting transaction.
Assignment of the invoice or receipt to account transactions.
Capture of the invoice or receipt with the camera of the smartphone.
Filtering invoices by date, provider, amount, allocation.
Search invoices by keywords.

Flexibility in expense and revenue Categories

Creation of accounts.
Add / Remove expense / revenue categories.
Ability to define subcategories.
Ability to define classifications and sub-classifications.
Automatic categorization for recurring transactions.
Scheduler for planned payments.

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