The Perfect Accounting Software for
Small Enterprises, Start-ups and
Self-employed Individuals
Simple Accounting for Start-ups,
Self Employed and Freelancers
A Cloud based Accounting System
for Non-accountants,
Hosted in a Secure Swiss Data Center.
Simple Bookkeeping for Households
and Individuals , or just any one

The perfect accounting software for small enterprises, start-ups and self-employed individuals

With MoneyWatch, accounting has never been easier! An overview of your accounts, flexibility in your chart of accounts and optimised management of your invoices… Simple, efficient and secure are the strong points of this Swiss made online accounting software. The plus? Benefit from a free trial for 14 days! Try it now!

MoneyWatch is an easy-to-use Online Accounting Software. It is perfect for small enterprises, start-ups, freelancers and self-employed. It is especially useful for Swiss users because it is connected online with Swiss bank accounts.

MoneyWatch is an easy-to-use accounting software. It is for everyone. It is accessible online from anywhere. It is very secure too.

The perfect self-employed accounting software

For any business, MoneyWatch lets you handle the entire accounting work very simply and seamlessly. It has the essential accounting features and you can easily create bookkeeping transactions on any account. This makes MoneyWatch the best accounting software for small business that one can find.

If you are a start-up, a self-employed, an association or a club, you need a flexible and easy to use accounting system. Here too, Money Watch ticks all the boxes and takes very little time to accomplish all of your accounting tasks. You don’t need any additional accounting staff and have all the time to attend to your core activities. To this end, MoneyWatch could qualify as the perfect self-employed accounting software.

A personal finance management software

If you are looking for a simple and basic accounting software for an individual or for a household, MoneyWatch again fits the bill perfectly. Be it your bank accounts or your credit cards, or expense details of any kind; these could be instantly seen on the screen of your laptop, tablet, or your mobile/smartphone. Not only that, MoneyWatch allows you to pay your bills on the go, from anywhere, at any time. You couldn’t ask for a better personal financial management tool.

A cloud based accounting system

Does simplicity and ease of operating make MoneyWatch too basic? Make no mistake. With all its features, MoneyWatch offers a complete financial management system. On top of that it is cloud based and hosted in a secure Swiss data center with maximal data protection. The user therefore doesn’t have to upgrade the software at any time or undertake maintenance of any kind. One can’t think of a better deal than getting a cloud based accounting software. MoneyWatch is an advanced accounting software and precursor in its field.