MoneyWatch Accounting & Bookkeeping Software

MoneyWatch bookkeeping software has been developed as a financial management software solution for a wide variety of small users looking for a simple and easy-to-use accounting system.

Easy Accounting for Small Enterprises, Clubs, Associations

MoneyWatch is simple accounting software for small businesses. You get a real-time view of all your bank accounts because MoneyWatch software is connected online to Post Finance business accounts (and soon to major Swiss banks). There is easy reconciliation of bank statements. It possesses all accounting features and thus acts as simple bookkeeping software. Yet, despite its simplicity, it is a complete finance management software solution for small businesses. While your accounts can be viewed and operated online, MoneyWatch offers complete security with multiple layers of safety (see features). An automatic data backup is also provided, to make you feel completely at ease.

Apart from small businesses, MoneyWatch accounting software is eminently useful for clubs and associations too.

Simple Accounting for Start-ups, Self Employed and Freelancers

MoneyWatch is also equally useful as accounting software for start-ups and self-employed individuals. While you are busy with your core business activities, it simplifies your account keeping and makes it very flexible as well. It is very easy to add or remove revenue categories, or even expense categories. It thus works as simple bookkeeping software for start-ups, self-employed individuals and freelancers.

Simple Bookkeeping for Households and Individuals

MoneyWatch, with its simplicity and ease of use, could be used by households, individuals, or just any one…. financial accounting for dummies, you could say. You can get a complete summary view of all your bank accounts and credit cards. You can pay your bills on the go, anytime, from anywhere. Easily. Instantly. MoneyWatch works on multiple devices, from anywhere. PCs, laptops, smart phones, tablets, phablets……. you name it.

We make sure that MoneyWatch is continually improved and updated, to meet the ever-changing needs of its users.

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