A feature-rich cloud based accounting software tailoring your needs

MoneyWatch is a versatile and feature-rich accounting software. The feature that makes it effective and simple for small users is that it is cloud-based. Technically, therefore, it is a cloud based accounting software, free to use for your trial period (see pricing).

Its key features are listed below under 4 main heads.

Cloud Based Accounting Software

Panoramic View of My Accounts

  • Easily create accounts of diverse types (cash, credit card, bank account, assets, liabilities etc.)
  • View by account type
  • Easily create and modify transactions
  • Attach your PDF bills or receipts to your transactions
  • Connected to PostFinance business accounts
  • Import of bank statements
  • Side by side view of your accounting and bank statements
Cloud Based Accounting Software

Cloud Based Accounting Software

Flexibility in your Chart of Accounts

  • Create your own chart of accounts from templates
  • Organize your accounts by grouping them in an hierarchy
  • Import accounts and transactions from Excel files
  • Export accounts and transactions into Excel files
  • Easily merge accounts
  • Have accounts in multiple currencies
  • Search any transaction with keywords
  • Easily manage your contacts
  • Advanced and fully customizable reporting for your Profit & Loss reports, Asset & Liabilities, and many other reports
Cloud Based Accounting Software

Cloud Based Accounting Software

Bill Handling Made Easy

  • Easily scan and upload your bills
  • Auto payment order generation by OCR (optical character recognition), followed by expense categorization
  • Assignment of bill to account transaction
  • Transfer of payment orders in ISO 20022 format for quick processing
  • Easy filtering of invoice by key fields such as date, provider, amount, etc.
  • Search any invoice with keywords
Cloud Based Accounting Software

Cloud Based Accounting Software

Perfect Swiss Security

Your data security is of utmost concern for us:

  • Swiss privacy:¬†Switzerland is known for being the most confidential country in the world. MoneyWatch is outside US & EU jurisdiction thus making the patriot act void.
  • Servers located in Switzerland, secured by Swisscom
  • Encryption of sensitive data at the database level
  • Excellent online security: SSL encrypted web link with a Swiss Sign certificate
  • Automatic data backup
Cloud Based Accounting Software